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STIPLASTICS unveils its new Spoonbox®

Stiplastics, an industrial SME that designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative injected plastic-based medical devices for the health sector, unveiled its new 13ml Spoonbox® dosing spoon for dosing products in liquid form and micro-granules. This latest development follows a number of requests on the part of pharmaceutical laboratories seeking a device with a capacity greater […]

ASTUS SA is continuing its development

Following a long term, competitive, development strategy, ASTUS-SA managed very recently to attain a significant milestone, that is, to enable the transparent interoperability of its environment with any other well established environment used by hospitals and medical organizations. This has been achieved via the development and validation of a full-feature HL7 and HPRIM engine. This […]

BASF Beauty Care solutions and Genel highlight the implication of a microrna in the melanogenesis process

The skin is our first protective barrier and our most exposed organ. BASF Beauty Care Solutions and GENEL continuously develop and improve care to preserve it against the harmful effects of UV radiation, air pollution and ageing. These harmful effects induce skin disorders such as dark spots and skin smears due to hyperpigmentation. This biological […]