The EIT Health Headstart Programme accelerates the market launch of selected healthcare start-ups through grants as well as support with networking and developing a project plan.

Headstart provides companies that are chosen for the programme up to €50,000 to support the development of innovative healthcare products and services. Companies winning Headstart awards will create a project plan with the support of the EIT Health Business Creation Managers, to help them harness the local and international network to accelerate their product launch. Awards are intended to:

  • support the applicants in realising next steps towards market;
  • verify the need/benefit of the product/service;
  • increase the possibility of attracting further private investment.

Is it for me?

The EIT Health Headstart Programme is most suitable for micro and small enterprises spin-offs, and start-ups that have a well-developed prototype and are aiming to launch a product. Applicants should be incorporated, or they must be incorporated on selection. Ideal applicants have an estimated company valuation of less than €1 million.

Deadline to apply : 16 March 2020

More information on the website.

To apply:

Contacts EIT Health France :


Business Creation Manager

EIT Health France

M:  +33 6 23 73 45 37


Ipshita SINGH

Business Creation Assistant

EIT Health France

M:  +33 7 67 01 14 59


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