NH TherAguix is a French biotech start-up developing innovative nanomedicine that enhance radiation therapy benefits without modifying current clinical workflows. Our leading product, AGuIX® is a nanoparticle designed to improve the localization of solid tumors and the outcomes of radiation therapy by intravenous injection. The company is pursuing its strategy ambitiously as it is currently focused on its clinical development (end of Phase 2) in Europe and in the USA.

More about the company : nhtheraguix.com

To support our growth, we are recruiting a Junior Scientist for our Research & Discovery Department.


Under the supervision of the CSO, you will be in charge of managing/developing translational research within the R&D team and in collaboration with the clinical development and CMC units, including academic collaborations and strategic partnerships, in adequation with the strategy of development of the company. Especially, a particular attention will be paid to collaborations allowing to (i) position our drug in the context of emerging radiotherapy technologies including external but also internal radiotherapy (ii) decipher the mechanism of action of our main drug candidate when combined with radiotherapy (radiobiological cascade starting from primary physical interaction up to immune response) (iii) advance the preclinical development of new product candidates based on our innovative nanohybrid technology platform and integrate this knowledge/results into the design/comprehension of clinical trials.


  • Participate in the discussions and definition of the research projects related to the strategic orientations of the company i.e. the development of the drug candidates in collaboration with other units
  • Contribute to establish collaborative relationship with partners, through grant applications writing/submission, material transfer agreements, scientific collaboration contracts, etc…
  • Contribute to organize, plan, monitor experimental protocols and analyze/interpret/validate the results of scientific studies with collaborators/partners. Potentially, you will co-supervise CIFRE PhD students in the frame of these collaborations.
  • Ensure that studies are conducted in accordance with ethical rules, good laboratory practices, health and safety rules.
  • Manage/participate to reports/patents/and publications emanating from the activity of the unit and its partners.
  • Participate in the establishment of preclinical regulatory files if
  • Regularly present the progress of the studies/collaboration in R&Dis group meeting and to the CSO.
  • Participate actively in corporate deck preparation for relationships with investors by selecting adequate language elements/wording.
  • Carry out scientific watch in the areas of expertise covered by his
  • Potentially participate to experiments at the workbench in the laboratories of our collaborators.



This position is open to graduated PhD students with or without a post-doctoral experience holding a PhD in biology, physics or chemistry. Profiles with background (educational and professional including PhD and fixed-term postdoc experiences) in preclinical radiation physics and/or radiobiology and/or (radio)immuno-oncology are seeked. Background in nanoparticle-enhanced radiotherapy would be a plus.

You are comfortable with managing outside collaborations, which include animation competencies and ability to travel. You like translational and multidisciplinary approach. You are an organized and structured person with proven ability to work independently and take initiatives. You have strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, including the ability to communicate, collaborate and deliver results, as well as agility and adaptation abilities in a dynamic growing start-up.

Ability to demonstrate a broaden vision and comprehensive approach of preclinical development up to clinical and to comply with timelines.


Education / Experience

PhD (physics, biology, chemistry)

Industry experience or post doctoral position in translational oncology will be a plus


 How to apply :

  • If you are passionate about biotechnology and motivated by the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of cancer treatments, please send your application (CV and cover letter) to the following address: recrutement@nhtheraguix.com


The job is located in Grenoble (Meylan).

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