STIPLASTICS unveils its new Spoonbox®

Stiplastics, an industrial SME that designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative injected plastic-based medical devices for the health sector, unveiled its new 13ml Spoonbox® dosing spoon for dosing products in liquid form and micro-granules.

This latest development follows a number of requests on the part of pharmaceutical laboratories seeking a device with a capacity greater than that of the flagship 8ml and 9ml versions.

The Spoonbox® product, of which Stiplastics produces several million units every year, offers a reliable alternative to the pipette in terms of economics, hygiene and even ergonomics. Quality and reliability are also among its strong points, along with the decorative options it offers, which include pad-printing, to bring an element of fun to the task of taking medication, particularly where children are concerned.

Furthermore, the validation work carried out by the Stiplastics teams means that the Spoonbox® can also be used to measure micro-granules. Laboratory Lucane Pharma, for example, has chosen it for a micro-granule product designed to treat a rare disease.

We had been looking to extend our Spoonbox range for some time already. We needed a greater production capacity for the purposes of optimising production, in addition to the millions of spoons already produced – something that we have now achieved thanks to our new production site, which opened in Isère (France) last June. This additional 2,000m² will enable us to fulfil our medical device orders, in terms of both small and very large runs, and therefore to efficiently produce this new Spoonbox® model“, explains Stiplastics CEO Jérôme Empereur.

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