Emerging biotech grant program – Merck

Are you ready to unlock your molecule’s potential?

Apply to our 2016 European Emerging Biotech Grant Program Today!

It is our goal to help advance lifesaving drugs to market. We understand the challenges emerging biotech companies face in the quest to push the next generation of drugs to market and we want to help you succeed!

That’s why we’re inviting you to apply to our 2016 European Emerging Biotech Grant Program. There are a total of 4 awards: First Prize is €100k, Second prize is €50k, Third and Fourth prizes are €25k each in products and services, including:

  • Buffers, Filters, and Resins
  • Lab-scale Hardware
  • Upstream Services
  • Consultation Services

To enter, please submit a completed application and tell us about your molecule before 1st October, 2016.

More information by clicking here !

Submit application by clicking here !

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