On Wednesday, April 05th, 2017, ARaymondlife welcomed the French sales team of CEVA, French veterinary laboratory world’s top ranked.

The goal of this visit for the 20 sales staff accompanied by their Branch Manager, Product Manager and Key Account Manager was to discover the infrastructure and the complex manufacturing process of the flagship product of which they assure the promotion and the marketing. It was the opportunity to understand more specifically the plastic injection moulding process and to discover the production lines dedicated to the medicine PRID delta, manufactured by ARaymondlife since 2010.

The collaboration between the company from Grenoble and the veterinary laboratory goes back to 2002. At that time, ARaymondlife knew how to adapt its expertise in injection to the requirements of the veterinary laboratory to co-develop the new generation of the PRID. The company designed the 3D shape of the part by optimizing the design and the ergonomics of the device in the form of an impregnated matrix.

The medication PRID Delta is an intra-vaginal dissemination system produced in bi-material on a polyamide skeleton, molded in EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and impregnated with progesterone. Designed to synchronize the estrus of bovines, it provides a controlled release, over 7 days, of the steroid hormone involved in the gestation.

The active ingredient is supplied by CEVA in the form of compound. The process of bimaterial injection perfectly mastered by ARaymondlife avoids the degradation of the properties of the hormone during processing.

The sales force was also able to discover the new equipements set up by ARaymondlife to increase the production capacity in particular the new automated machine allowing the optimization of the process of assembly. At the end of this very appreciated visit, the commercial delegation left even more motivated to sell many PRID delta ®!

More information about ARaymondlife and CEVA on: http://www.araymond-life.fr/delivrance-de-principes-actifs


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