InDemand is looking for European companies to solve 3 challenges identified by healthcare professionals from Foch Hospital in Paris (France).
Deadline: 8th June 2018

If awarded, you will:

  • Co-develop and validate the solution within the Foch Hospital and GIP.
  • Receive funding up to 30,000 €.
  • Business support to improve commercial and financial traction delivered by Medicen.
  • Intellectual Property is yours.
  • A first commercial reference to sell the solution elsewhere after the pilot.

Competitive call at a glance:

  • The funding organisation, Paris Region Entreprises, has launched a competitive call to select one IT company for each challenge.
  • Economic support: The maximum grant for this first call is 60% of the eligible costs, with a maximum of 30.000 € per beneficiary. Eligible costs are:

– Personnel costs.
– Overheads (25% of the personnel costs).

  • Application deadline: 8th June 2018
  • Who can apply? Any Small and Medium Enterprise (consortiums not allowed) headquartered in the European Union. Besides, the following countries can also apply: Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Moldova, Switzerland, Faroe Islands, Ukraine, Tunisia, Georgia and Armenia.
  • Language: Application forms can only be filled in English. Working language during the co-creation will be in French.
  • Evaluation criteria: Excellence, fit with the inDemand challenge, potential impact, work-plan viability, team experience and business sustainability.

What are the challenges to tackle in Paris Region?

↓Challenge 1: Optimisation of continuous monitoring of strokes in Neuro-Vascular Units (OSCAR)↓

This challenge concerns patients hospitalised following a stroke and is therefore to document non-invasively and continuously the hemodynamic and respiratory anomalies from their arrival at the Emergency Reception Service until their exit from the Neuro-Vascular Intensive Care Unit (NVICU). This will provide important data on possible anomalies that may require treatment and that would have gone unnoticed

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↓Challenge 2: Remote monitoring of real-life patient data to anticipate the occurrence of complications/degradations in health status (SafeFoch)↓

After patients leave the hospital, hospital practitioners are victims of the “tunnel effect”: they do not know what is happening until the next consultation (from 10 days post-surgery until several months in oncological monitoring). Having data on these patients in real time between two visits to the hospital would allow practitioners to anticipate complications, adjust prescriptions, avoid unnecessary hospital visits (emergencies, hospitalisation) and obviously improve the state of the patient’s health.

*Some new specifications have been updated in this challenge by May 7th. FOCH Hospital decided to focus on the follow-up of transplant patients (renal and pulmonary). Sorry for the inconvenience.

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↓Challenge 3: e-consultations in the management of alcohol dependency (e-Prevent)↓

There is a gap in the monitoring for patients after hospital or outpatient withdrawal, especially when the patient finds himself in his “consumption” environment, but also a lack of contact with his referring addictologist. The management of an alcohol-dependent patient who has been weaned requires close contact, on demand, to prevent frequent relapses, especially in the first 3 months of consumption. All hospital addiction units could benefit from a platform for e-consultations, accessible to alcohol-dependent patients monitored in the Liaison and Addiction Treatment Teams Unit and to their addictologist physicians, compatible with the telemedicine charter validated by the Order of Physicians.

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