A step closer to the industrialization of LXRepair DNA Repair assays to predict the patients’ response to anticancer therapies

LXRepair, which develops unique functional tests to characterize DNA repair mechanisms in real time, is a winner of the French Major Investment Plan competition, managed by Bpifrance, for its ZYMONCO project. DNA Repair mechanisms determine the response of patients to different cancer treatments (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, PARP inhibitors, immunotherapy). The goal of the ZYMONCO program is to industrialize the system to provide users (hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, biology laboratories) with a range of kits and associated readers, in order to personalize the treatments.

The company plans to double its workforce and consolidate its leading position in the field of DNA repair. In addition, this project will facilitate the launch of innovative and unique diagnostic kits worldwide. In the future, LXRepair will deploy a kit production unit in Grenoble.

Contact : sylvie.sauvaigo@lxrepair.com


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