VULKAM is strengthening its R&D activities in the field of Amorphous Metal Alloys in order to develop the industrial solutions of tomorrow, especially dedicated to Medtechs, by relying on leading French laboratories such as LAMPA.

The machining of metallic glass is an important industrial issue, which is always looking for high-performance materials

Highly sensitive to temperature, the  metallic glass is an innovative material that is heated to high temperatures  around 1000°C then cooled very quickly to freeze and maintain an amorphous structure at room temperature. The advantage of the material thus obtained lies in its high elasticity and mechanical resistance.

“The aim is to play on the development of these alloys to make them biocompatible. These materials are used for small parts for applications in the watchmaking, aerospace and biomedical industries, for example,” explains Bruno Lavisse.

The challenge of this project is to find the right tools to machine these innovative materials (cutting angle, cutting inserts) and to identify which cryogenic machining process could be used.

A cutting-edge partnership research project on innovative materials

The PULSAR system is a launching pad for the future perpetuation of this research theme to study  the machinability of metallic glasses within LAMPA. Indeed, bibliographical research indicates that the research is only at the beginning at the moment. “Guaranteeing “metal glass machining expertise by the laboratory’s team within the next two years would allow us to seriously consider more ambitious industrial and academic collaboration on European, ANR or CIFRE projects”.

Vulkam LAMPA

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*Lampa: Laboratoire Angevin de Mécanique, Procédés et InnovAtion (Angevin Laboratory of Mechanics, Processes and InnovAtion)



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