Grenoble (France), 4th May 2021 – EVEON, designer and manufacturer of medical devices for the preparation and delivery of drugs, is proposing to automate and deliver multidose drugs from a vial, as well as vaccines used in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Multidose drug have undeniable advantages in a global vaccination campaign such as that seen with Covid-19. The management and delivery of multidose vaccines is now a major concern. During vaccination campaigns, multidosing allows the optimisation of the value chain as a whole. In particular, it makes it possible to reduce packaging waste by 40%. Additionally it requires 47% less storage space in vaccination centres and storage facilities. This is the reason why the Food and Drug Administration has just authorised the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine to be increased to 15 doses per vial.

“In the context of the Covid-19 crisis, multidosing is now more important than ever and EVEON provides innovative solutions with its Intuity® medical devices. Thanks to some of our latest innovations, we can guarantee the dilution stage, as well as a reproducible and high-precision vaccine delivery process, by greatly limiting the number of manipulations. It is possible to inject multidose from a vial, without prior transfer to a syringe, by maximizing the number of doses extracted.” said Vincent TEMPELAERE, CEO of EVEON.

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