Company description:

Electroducer is a startup founded in 2017 by the interventional cardiologist Benjamin Faurie, focusing on designing, developing, and commercializing a IIa disruptive medical device integrating the minimalist approach to simplify and secure percutaneous valves implantations (aortic, mitral, tricuspid) and complex coronary interventions.

Guided by the challenging economic and regulatory context and by the founder’s vision focused on the patient, Electroducer is supported by partnerships with internationally renowned experts, hospitals and industrial partners.

In this context, we are looking for a motivated, passionate and experienced person, whiling to work in a small team where the closeness between the Management and co-workers encourages individual autonomy and the power to work together, to fill a permanent position as an experienced Regulatory Affairs Head Manager.

The company is based in Grenoble, a French Alps dynamic pole in the Medtech industry.

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