KAYENTIS is a software solutions provider specialized in clinical trials.

Our core competence is in patient data capture and processing solutions (eClinical Outcome Assessments = eCOA) and we are now expanding towards Decentralized Trials functionalities.

With 16 years of global experience in eCOA, Kayentis has supported more than 260 clinical trials in 79 countries with more than 90,000 patients. Its head office is located in Meylan, near Grenoble (France), Kayentis is also present in Boston (USA) and Tokyo (Japan).

Joining Kayentis’ teams means choosing a fast-growing company committed to improving clinical trials and the well-being of its employees.

KAYENTIS is growing! Develop your career with us!
Join an international, cohesive and dynamic team and develop new skills!

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