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Transatlantic bridge for European innovation: EIT Community opens its first Hub in Silicon Valley

San Francisco, United States, 28 March 2019 – The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) opened the first Community Hub outside of Europe in Silicon Valley yesterday. Building on the existing Silicon Valley Hub of EIT Digital, the EIT Hub in San Francisco will support European innovators to attract US customers, partners and investors. It will […]

CEA-Leti Breakthrough Opens Path to New Vaccine for HIV

Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, in collaboration with CEA’s Fundamental Research Division and INSERM, has developed a new vaccine approach for HIV based on engineered lipid nanoparticles that deliver p24 – a viral protein that is key to an HIV vaccine – and optimize the CpG adjuvant’s effect. Until now, p24-based vaccines have […]

A step closer to the industrialization of LXRepair DNA Repair assays to predict the patients’ response to anticancer therapies

LXRepair, which develops unique functional tests to characterize DNA repair mechanisms in real time, is a winner of the French Major Investment Plan competition, managed by Bpifrance, for its ZYMONCO project. DNA Repair mechanisms determine the response of patients to different cancer treatments (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, PARP inhibitors, immunotherapy). The goal of the ZYMONCO program is […]


Good Design®, the world’s most prestigious Design Award Prize organized by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design was awarded to SCALJET for the outstanding design of its “Aero-Hydro dissector”, in the Medical category. This High-tech medical device was designed to provide a concrete solution to the increasing need for non-traumatic minimally invasive surgery. […]

Inovotion launches the first rapid in vivo evaluation test of therapeutic combination efficacy using PD1 / PD-L1

With its expertise in early in vivo evaluation of efficacy in oncology, Inovotion has initiated an R&D program for developing a fast, reliable and perfectly predictive test for in vivo proof-of-concepts on synergistic treatments including checkpoint inhibitors, small molecule compounds, ADCs (Antibody Drug Conjugates), or even radiation therapy. The development of new therapeutic approaches based […]

FLUOPTICS receives the market authorization from FDA for FLUOBEAM® to detect parathyroid tissue in real time during surgery

FLUOPTICS©, European expert in fluorescence imaging guided systems to assist surgeons is proud to announce that FDA permits marketing of the FLUOBEAM® that detect ‘s parathyroid tissue in real-time during surgery. The FLUOBEAM® Imaging System provides real-time location of parathyroid tissue during surgical procedures such as thyroidectomy (surgery to remove all or part of the thyroid) and parathyroidectomy (surgery […]

TECHNIDATA announces a new version of its TDHistoCyto software solution

TECHNIDATA announces the launch of version 13.41 of its TDHistoCyto software solution for anatomic pathology laboratories. This version has a new interface, and additional functionality that allows laboratories to benefit from real paperless processing. Patient safety is enhanced, the risk of errors reduced, and process traceability streamlined. Laboratories gain in efficiency and productivity, and the […]

FLUOPTICS© moves fast in open surgery at the international level

FLUOPTICS©, European expert in fluorescence imaging guided systems to assist surgeons is proud to announce today its 150th FLUOBEAM® installation in operating rooms internationally. « FLUOPTICS© has been experiencing accelerated growth in the past months, thanks to solid market demand and international expansion. Our strong presence in Europe has positioned our Company as the leading fluorescence solution provider […]

TECHNIDATA announces the launch of a major feature of its TDBioBank software solution

TECHNIDATA, the leading global supplier of software solutions for clinical laboratories and biobanks, announces the launch of a major feature of its TDBioBank software solution, with the Virtual Catalog Editor.  This new module enables biobanks to publish their collections of transferable biological specimens online, gain visibility and foster international scientific collaboration. Biobanking, a market in […]

LETI Launches its 2nd edition of medtech ENTREPRENEUR-IN-RESIDENCE program to create startups with innovative healthcare solutions

Leti, a technological research institute at CEA Tech that has launched more than 60 startups, has created a Medtech Entrepreneur-In-Residence program to help bring to market creative devices and solutions that will address tomorrow’s healthcare challenges. The 1st edition has led to the selection of a project focusing on IoT for Healthcare in collaboration with […]