On February 23rd  and 24st, 2022, the plenary meeting for the structuring of the OoC sector in France was held in Paris, organized by BioValley France (BVF), Institut Curie/IPGG and the CEA-IRIG (Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble) (http://irig.cea.fr). This event is a continuation of the digital directory of French experts in Organ-on-Chips (OoC) set up by BVF (https://www.biovalley-france.com/fr/territoire/france/organe-sur-puce/ ).

These 2 days gathered about 95 people, 65 of which were in person, which was a great opportunity for human interaction and everyone enjoyed it! Peter Loskill, the chair of EUROoCS introduced this 2-days Workshop with a keynote to give an overview of OoC and associated applications. Berend van Meer illustrated the Dutch success story of national infrastructure structuring by presenting hDMT (https://www.health-holland.com/public-private-partnerships/hdmt) and NOCI (https://noci-organ-on-chip.nl/). French researchers, clinicians, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as representatives of the Ministry and standardization committees, were able to discuss in round tables the means to be implemented in this new field in France and the positioning of OoCs in the value chain from research to clinical and industrial applications.

This French national OoC sector, in synergy with EUROoCS, will reinforce the visibility and competitiveness of France and the EU in the deployment and adoption of OoC technologies for tomorrow’s medicine. The annual conference in July 2022 EUROoCS in Grenoble (France) (https://euroocs.eu/annual-meeting/) will be the opportunity to highlight this national community in full structuring while drawing up a state of the art of the recent advances of the field.

French OoC Workshop Organizers : Jean-Dominique Guitton et Marie-Charlotte Lechner (BioValley France) / Nathalie Picollet D’hahan (CEA-IRIG) / Stéphanie Descroix (Institut Curie/IPGG)

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