SYNTHELIS, a French biotech company, specialized in cell-free production, purification and characterization of difficult-to-express proteins (ion channels, transporters, GPCRs, enzymes, etc.) announced today the launch of a new High Throughput Multigene Expression services.

Working in close relationship with our customers, we are well aware of current challenges in protein production. As a result, SYNTHELIS is constantly improving its processes and developing products and services in accordance with customers’ needs. We are then very pleased to announce the addition of a new expert service based on our core cell-free technology”, said Bruno Tillier, CEO at SYNTHELIS.

Taking advantage of the cell-free technology and a dedicated process, SYNTHELIS performs in this new offer a fast screening step to express protein samples from a large number of genes in parallel with estimation of the solubility and the integrity of each protein sample. SYNTHELIS is the right partner to overcome your protein expression challenges with industry-driven services and a dedicated scientist as a single point-of-contact to facilitate project management and ensure respect of timelines and confidentiality.

For more information on this new service visit Synthelis’ website.

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