OPSInsight™, a new successful collaboration between SurgiQual Institute and Corin Group

Developed in collaboration with SurgiQual Institute (SQI), Corin’s OPSInsight™, an innovative digital planning solution for hip prosthesis surgery, recently received FDA clearance for the American market. An achievement not only for Corin Group, UK manufacturer of implants and technologies distributed worldwide, but also for SQI, employee-owned company from Grenoble (FR), which adds a new successful collaboration to its track record.

OPSInsight™ is a cloud-based software program that enables surgeons to access and adjust customized pre-operative plans for total hip arthroplasty. This interactive planning solution is the latest evolution of Corin’s Optimized Positioning System (OPS™), which uses pre-operative functional imaging to enable surgeons to precisely plan optimal implant alignment, considering individual patient anatomy, spinopelvic mobility and functional biomechanics.

Now, with OPSInsight™, surgeons can not only interact with the OPS™ plan but can also access additional information, including advanced spinopelvic assessment, impingement analysis and radiodensity mapping. This level of insight is significant in providing implant placement that is personalized for each patient’s needs.


Catherine Stambouzou, R&D Manager – Technology at Corin said, “We had a clear vision for OPSInsight™, to bring our world class OPS™ analysis into an interactive, cloud-based platform that incorporates intuitive, anatomy-centric visualisations. SQI’s technical expertise in 3D rendering as well as overall capability in adhering to medical device regulations and appreciation for the clinical aspects of the design were key drivers in our successful collaboration and continued partnership”.

As summarized by Sylvain Besson, Chief Technical Officer at SQI, “Our experience in Orthopaedics helped us to speak the same language, namely to understand our customer specific needs and clinical challenges and to convert them into technical solutions. For Corin, we answered with the most recent web technologies”.

“This know-how contributed to make OPSInsight™ the new gold standard in Total Hip Arthroplasty planning.  The possible depth of analysis is unparalleled, and key insights are presented in an intuitive and user-friendly interface to our surgeons. We believe this level of planning is a necessity to improve outcomes in THA”, said Corin’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jim Pierrepont, PhD.

Through this success, SQI has confirmed its status as a key partner for major companies, start-ups and research labs that design innovative software medical devices.


About SurgiQual Institute (www.surgiqual-institute.com)

SurgiQual Institute has undertaken, for more than 12 years, a dual activity in medical software development in compliance with regulations, and expert support on medical device certification. The company is focused on digital tools for the operating room, cloud-based platforms for personalized medicine and taking regulatory manufacturer responsibility for clinical trials.

About Corin Group (www.coringroup.com)

Corin develops, manufactures and distributes innovative orthopaedic implants that address the clinical needs of individual patients. Corin currently focuses on hip and knee implant solutions, working in partnership with orthopaedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals to develop and deliver high-performance products complemented with outstanding service and quality. Corin utilizes its in-depth knowledge and experience in orthopaedics to provide leading professional education to both Corin team-members and medical professionals to ensure an optimal paramount outcome for patients.

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