We are delighted to announce that in line with our Strategic & Development Plan, Scaljet has signed an exclusive R&D Partnership Agreement with Microdatec-Saphintec for the development, miniaturization and production of its patented micro-nozzles.  Microdatec-Saphintec, a Swiss high-tech manufacturing company, located in Le Locle is specialized in the precision machining of sapphire, ruby and technical ceramics. Theses ultra hard materials offer exceptional characteristics such as resistance to wear, distortion, temperature extreme, chemical exposure and are perfect electrical isolators.

This Strategic Partnership not only grants Scaljet to exclusive capabilities to industrialize multiple variants of convergent stream nozzles with a single and exact convergence point, it also allows us to upgrade our genuine Scaljet’s “Aero-Hydro” dissector with even more functionalities.

Add on functionalities include modularity in the focal point distance, diameters of micro-jets, and extended potentials for surgical procedures.

Thanks to this Strategic Partnership, Scaljet now has the advantage of benefiting from Microdatec-Saphintec’s amazing high-precision manufacturing expertise and know-how that already benefits the Medical Device, Aerospace and Automotive industries on a global scale.

From now on, Surgeons can virtually pick and choose the nozzle of their choice according to the surgical procedure requirements!

This Strategic Partnership makes us more confident than ever that Scaljet is on the path to offer the next generation device for Minimally Invasive fine Hydro-Surgery, and we will be honored to share with you the outcomes of our next In Vivo Trials scheduled in 2021.

More to come soon…

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