LXRepair receives €750,000 in funding from BPI France as part of the DeepTech program

Grenoble, July 8th, 2021 – LXRepair, a biotechnology start-up specializing in personalized medicine testing, today announces the granting of €750,000 in funding under the BPI France DeepTech program. This program supports advanced and highly differentiating biotechnology projects with significant commercial potential.

This is the case of LXRepair: predicting serious late side effects is the “Holy Grail” of radiotherapists. Caused by DNA repair defects, they affect 5 to 30% of patients and cost around 600 million euros per year in Europe and the United States for breast and prostate cancers alone.

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Sylvie Sauvaigo: +33. sylvie.sauvaigo@lxrepair.com

Stéphane Altaba : + stephane.altaba@lxrepair.com

Media Relations: Jean-Baptiste Mounier: + jean-baptiste.mounier@lxrepair.com

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