Grenoble, March 8, 2022 – EVEON, designer and manufacturer of medical devices for the preparation and delivery of drugs, made numerous project achievements in 2021 in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. It looks like another promising year ahead for the company as it is carried forward by its dynamism and its innovations for better therapeutic compliance.

EVEON is a leading player in ensuring that new therapies which all entail a complex preparation or administration process (lyophilisates, suspensions, dilutions, emulsions, combinations, high viscosity formulations, radiopharmaceuticals, etc.) are easily accessible and available.

Over the course of 2021, EVEON made significant developments and broadened its technology range, which is spread across three families: Intuity® Mix for standardising preparation, Intuity® Ject for automated administration, and Intuity® Spray for controlled administration of mists/sprays. Each family is made up of various solutions that are tailored to the formulations, primary containers (syringes, cartridges and vials), preparation requirements such as soft mixtures, and delivery from microdoses to multidoses.

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EVEON is an ISO 13485-certified company that designs and manufactures safe, connected automatic medical devices for the preparation and delivery of therapeutic treatments to improve patient quality of life. EVEON places the needs of patients and care professionals at the heart of its development by designing simple, intuitive devices to improve therapeutic performance, compliance, and the conditions of at-home care.
The company’s expertise has been recognized by Forbes magazines, which ranked EVEON as the 3rd most inventive company in France in the category of medical technology in 2019.

Press contact: Charlotte Reverand | |@EVEON_SAS

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